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What is pennybot?

Pennybot, or penny.bot, is a Neocites Discord bot. Discord, if you don't know, is a messaging app for many different communities. This ranges from the most epic of gamers to our few Neocities discord servers. The bot has several commands that focus primarily on relaying site data to users, and keeping a running leaderboard. The bot is still under development for even more commands.

How does it work?

Penny bot is an open-source discord bot made in discord.js. You can view the full code here. It basically gathers data from neocities api and your site page. Once in the system, your site data is updated every 24 hours. This site, however, is updated every 2 minutes. If you have a question or a suggestion for the bot, please message me on discord! My tag is Malmadork#2387